Lay Academy Admissions Information

Requirements Necessary to Complete the CLP & ALP Programs
In order to become a Commissioned Lay Pastor (CLP) or an Authorized Lay Preacher (ALP), students must: (1) Be an elder; (2) Fill out a Lay Academy application; (3) Be recommended by their session and pastor: (4) Complete the six core courses Old Testament, New Testament, Reformed Worship and Sacraments, Reformed Theology, Presbyterian Polity and History, and Preaching: and (5) conduct an observed worship service.

For a detailed road map of the entire Lay Academy process for start to finish, download the document, "A Road Way to Navigate Utica Presbytery's Lay Academy."

The Admissions Process
Before applying for admission to the Lay Academy's CLP program, prospective students should have some sense of a calling or the possibility of a calling to lay pastoral ministry. We strongly urge that they consult with their pastor and others before making a final decision. It would also be wise to informally consult with either of the Lay Academy's co-deans, give them a "head's up," and get their advice.

Once a person has decided to apply for admissions to the Lay Academy, they must complete the following steps:

STEP ONE: Fill out an application form.

STEP TWO: Meet with the session of the applicant's church to receive its endorsement. Once the session has voted its endorsement, the clerk of session is to fill out three copies of the endorsement form and submit them to the clerk of presbytery and each of the Lay Academy's co-deans.

STEP THREE: The applicant should then submit his or her application form to Co-Dean Rev. Lawrence Bartell (PO Box 605, Old Forge, NY 13420).

STEP FOUR: The applicant should next make an appointment for an interview with the committee. This interview is usually done at the Inquiry Day, which is held in the spring. Applicants are strongly urged to take part in this day. It is designed to facilitate the whole admissions process and provide students with an orientation to the Lay Academy's programs.

If you would like further information you may call the Rev. Lawrence Bartel (315-369-3475) or email him (

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